Posted by: WebJefe | June 22, 2008


Tune: Rawhide Theme Song

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

My dick is gettin’ swollen

I got this doggie rollin’, Rawhide

My knob is hard as leather

But I’ll get it in whatever

I wish I could get the tip inside

I stab but I keep missin’

This wasn’t made for pissin’

I’m waiting for this year’s first ride


Pull ‘em down, get ‘em off

Get ‘em off, pull ‘em down

Pull ‘em off, get ‘em off, Rawhide

Stick it in, pull it out

Pull it out, stick it in

Stick it in, pull it out, Rawhide

She’s movin’, movin’, movin

Stops my manhood groovin’

This doggie won’t stop movin’, Rawhide

It’s gonna be sore later

But I’ve been a masturbator

All those years that I’ve just spent inside

My balls they are aching

From ages wanking, waiting

Waiting to get this thing inside


Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

I’m rootin’ her assholin’

We’re mounted doggy style, Rawhide

I don’t try to understand her

Just catch and grope and bang her

Now her twat is gettin’ wet and wide

My foreskin’s torn and tattered

Her pussy’s worn and battered

At last I’ll drop my load inside

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